Update: Katherine Jackson Reinstated as Co-Guardian of Michael's Children

Judge: It appears she 'has done a wonderful job and cares about the children very much'

Prince Jackson, Katherine Jackson, Blanket Jackson and Paris Jackson Credit: Lester Cohen/WireImage

Katherine Jackson has been reinstated as the co-guardian of her son Michael's three children, Prince, Paris and Blanket, the Daily News reports.

"It appears from the report that Katherine Jackson has done a wonderful job and cares about the children very much," said Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff. "I think the kids are in terrific hands."

Earlier this morning it was reported that the Jackson family matriarch would seek co-guardianship with T.J. Jackson, the son of Michael's brother Tito. Beckloff gave T.J. custody of the children following a tumultuous period where Katherine was reported missing and her grandchildren went 10 days without seeing her; it turned out she was resting with family at a spa in Arizona.

Beckloff said that while his decision was temporary, he planned to finalize the ruling later in the month.

The co-guardianship proposal that Katherine Jackson's lawyer, Perry Sanders Jr., submitted looked to take some of the burden off the grandmother, allowing her to focus on raising the children. This means T.J., who will remain a co-guardian, will handle more financial and logistical issues, such as controlling the staff and day-to-day operations of the home Katherine shares with the children.