The Clipse Chalk Lynching Comments Up to Having a Rough Day

In an interview with, the Clipse have spoken out on what they call "The Rolling Stone situation." The duo's incendiary comments to were copied on countless blogs last week, creating a mini-firestorm. Now, apparently the duo has backed off a bit.

"When I say things, I'm speaking from the emotional side of an artist," Pusha explains. "As far as the Rolling Stone issue goes, it was a situation where it was a rough day. And I feel like my core audience — the people who kept us relevant for all these years and the time on hiatus — is waiting. So, you know, for them to say that shit was pushed back, I was upset and I spazzed out." He went on to say: "Jive hasn't denied us much, not really anything that we've asked for,but the time frame in which they do things sort of fucks up the situation. They'll do it, they just do it a little late."