The 1975 Write for the Road on 'Music for Cars' – EP Premiere

U.K. rockers balance pop anthems with atmospherics

The 1975 Credit: Rosie Hardy

Although the name the 1975 might imply overwhelming nostalgia, these Manchester rockers aren't just focused on the past. On their new EP Music for Cars, due March 5th, the 1975 wrap two pop anthems inside a trio of hazy, atmospheric journeys. "Chocolate" is a blissful track with a noodling guitar lead and unhurried stadium-sized drums, while "Head.Cars.Bending" lurches ahead with synth claps, clattering syncopation and angelic vocal harmonies. "Anobrain," "HNSCC" and "Me," meanwhile, slip in between with hypnotic ambience and ethereal voices.