System Really Number One

Uncounted albums secure Number One debut for "Toxicity"

Despite initial reports that had Alicia Keys' Songs in A Minor as last week's Number One album, an adjustment to SoundScan's figures revealed that System of a Down's second album, Toxicity, sold nearly 50,000 more units than initially thought, resulting in a swap between the Number One and Number Two albums last week.

Keys' Songs in A Minor sold 192,349 copies, while Toxicity was at first reported to have sold 170,093. But a limited-edition enhanced CD of Toxicity, which was also available through retail outlets, went uncounted. With the addition of the limited edition version, Toxicity's sales surged to 222,000, easily earning the Number One spot.

System are hoping to continue to cultivate support for the album with their Pledge of Allegiance Tour, which will also feature Slipknot. The tour was to have launched on September 13th, but following the terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington, D.C., the tour will now begin on September 21st in Denver.

Pledge of Allegiance revised tour dates: