STP's Weiland Gets a Year in Jail

Scott Weiland enters a recovery center for violating probation

The Stone Temple Pilots morphed into something resembling Talk Show on Friday afternoon (Sept. 3) in Los Angeles Superior Court when singer Scott Weiland was sentenced to a year in L.A. County Jail's Biscaluz Recovery Center for violating terms of his probation. Weiland was credited for thirty-five days of time already served dating back to various stints in prison this year, meaning the singer will be free until early August of next year.

"Mr. Weiland has to be punished," said Judge Larry P. Fidler. "If the court makes a pronouncement and somehow fails to follow it, the public loses faith in the judicial system." The sentencing is an exclamation point on a long, drug-related streak filled with jail time, rehab centers and exile from STP. Weiland's documented troubles date back to a heroin bust in May 1995 and concluded with a heroin overdose in July and subsequent outpatient treatment, which the judge deemed a violation of Weiland's probation.

Weiland's sentence obviously alters any plans the group had for promoting the forthcoming album No. 4 (due Oct. 26) as a unit. The first single, "Down," will go to radio on Oct. 4. A recently filmed Miller Genuine Draft Blind Date gig at Las Vegas's House of Blues on August 12 will provide the only opportunity to see STP live for some time; a video for "Down" shot during that performance will go to MTV, according to a spokesperson for the group's Atlantic Records label. The remaining members of STP -- Dean and Robert DeLeo (guitar and bass, respectively), and Eric Kretz (drums) -- will conduct press interviews to fulfill previously held commitments, but whether or not the group still plans to make future videos sans Weiland or resume the STP spinoff Talk Show is still unknown.