Snow Patrol's "Suns" Packed With Liner-Note Extras for iPods and iPhones

The next big digital step for albums may arrive this October, when U.K. rockers Snow Patrol release their new LP A Million Hundred Suns packed with interactive applications for iPod Touch and iPhone. Whereas most iPod-bound albums just include the music and cover photo, Suns' "interactive album art" will also boast additional photos, lyrics, extra artwork and other downloadable content — a special liner-notes package and then some. While Snow Patrol's album extras aren't expected to make their physical CD unnecessary due to its smaller target audience of iPhone and iPod Touch users, it does reflect the potential and the possible future of the digital medium. Apple users have already proven they're willing to watch movies on an iPod video, so reading lyrics and interacting with the artwork seems like a logical next step.

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