Smashing Pumpkins Sued By Virgin Records

Virgin Records America Inc. has filed suit against one of its biggest acts, the Smashing Pumpkins, for alleged breach of contract and non-delivery of albums.

Filed Tuesday in California Superior Court for the County of Los Angeles, the suit alleges that the Smashing Pumpkins delivered only three albums instead of the seven due under the terms of the band's contract with Virgin, dated March 12, 1991.

According to the suit, the Smashing Pumpkins, citing California Labor Code section 2855, which limits personal services contracts to seven years, informed Virgin in October 1997 that they would not deliver any more albums under the contract effective Jan. 13, 1998. In the suit, Virgin contends that under the same California Labor Code section, the label is entitled to recover damages for each album the group has not delivered.

The suit seeks compensatory damages, interest, and reimbursement of legal costs. Representatives for the Smashing Pumpkins could not be reached by deadline.