See Old Dominion Drop Sing-Along Slang 'Snapback' on 'Kimmel'

New single from 'Meat and Candy' is a showcase for the whole band

Old Dominion performed their new single "Snapback" on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live.'

Three months after "Break Up With Him" climbed its way to Number One, Old Dominion are scaling the charts again with "Snapback," another country-pop come-on that finds frontman Matthew Ramsey wooing a belle in a ballcap. 

"We didn't even know what [a snapback] was about two years ago," says OD keyboard player/guitarist Trevor Rosen of the slang term that inspired the tune.

"It's such a buzzword — it seemed like it was popping up everywhere and I wrote it down," adds Ramsey of composing the song. "It seemed like a cool word."

Performing the Meat and Candy single during last night's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Ramsey and company sounded appropriately anthemic, armed with U2-worthy guitar swells and a singalong "woah oh oh" vocal refrain. They're one of country-pop's only genuine bands — a group of musicians who write their own songs and play their own instruments — which made the Kimmel performance feel less like a showcase for the band's frontman and more like a communal effort. 

The group flies to Cancun today for a two-night stand in Cancun before resuming a cross-country tour that stretches all the way to September, including dates with Kenny Chesney, Miranda Lambert and Billy Currington.