See Metallica's Ecstatic Live Concert Video for 'Lords of Summer'

Clip captures band during explosive arena show

Metallica unveiled a fiery performance video for "Lords of Summer," another 'Hardwired... to Self-Destruct' track.

Metallica relied on the energy of their high voltage live show to buoy the "Lords of Summer" clip, which captures the band in performance mode at an open-air venue. It's a simple, effective treatment for a warm-weather anthem: "Celebrate and let your fires burn/ The lords of summer have returned."

Director Brett Murray cuts between shots of the band – stalking the stage, screaming lyrics, pounding instruments – and their enthusiastic fans. The crowd shots are especially effective, as Murray captures listeners in various states of jubilant, vigorous movement: headbanging, heaving in a coordinated mass, slamming each other in mosh pits and fist-pumping with fury. 

Metallica released music videos for each track from their upcoming LP, Hardwired… to Self-Destruct, starting Wednesday afternoon. The album, Metallica's 10th, is out November 18th. The band will mark the release with a "Blackened Friday" event – a twist on Record Store Day's Black Friday – at hundreds of independent record stores across the U.S. Fans participating in the midnight sale will be eligible to win items like limited edition vinyl slip mats and posters; the grand prize winner will receive the new album in a variety of formats, including the deluxe box set and a test pressing of the record.

In August, drummer Lars Ulrich spoke to Rolling Stone about Hardwired, detailing the album's "simpler" songs. "We introduce a mood and we stick to it, rather than songs we've done where one riff happens and we go over here and then over there and it becomes a journey through all these different soundscapes," he said. "The songs are more linear. And by 'less frenetic,' I mean there are certainly less starts and stops in the songs. It cruises along a little bit more than the last record."