See De La Soul, Estelle in Nostalgic 'Memory Of … (Us)' Video

Bride-to-be revisits the past in latest 'And the Anonymous Nobody...' visual

Estelle and Pete Rock appear with De La Soul in the video for "Memory Of ... (Us)," from the group's latest album 'And the Anonymous Nobody.'

A marriage almost gets derailed in the video for De La Soul's new song "Memory of … (Us)." In addition to the members of De La Soul, the clip features producer Pete Rock and the English singer Estelle, who provides the song's wispy, nostalgic hook. 

Rock, a New York beat-making legend, is the narrator. Sitting in a comfortable armchair – surrounded by books, a globe and a record player – he sets the scene: "a story that blurs the lines between memory and reality, regret and redemption." Estelle plays a bride experiencing a moment of doubt before walking down the aisle. But in the end, the marriage goes ahead as planned.

"Memory Of … (Us)" appeared earlier this year on De La Soul's crowdfunded comeback LP, And the Anonymous Nobody..The track features the trademark elements of Rock's production: a viscous-yet-nimble bass, sharp drums, tasteful horns and a lovely melody sampled from a Seventies soul cut (Jae Mason's "Diana.")

When the Grammy nominations were announced on Tuesday, And the Anonymous Nobody... earned a nomination for Best Rap Album category. "Awards have never defined us," the group said in a statement, "but it's always nice to have your work recognized."