Readers' Poll: 5 Best Hip-Hop Diss Songs

See where biting insults from Nas, Tupac and more rank against each other

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1. "Hit 'Em Up," Tupac

"I ain't got no motherfuckin' friends," Tupac says right at the beginning of the vicious, anti-East Coast "Hit 'Em Up" that he released with his group Outlawz. "That's why I fucked your bitch, you fat motherfucker." From there, the rapper launched into an all-out tirade and threat aimed at his former friend Notorious B.I.G. and the rest of the Bad Boy crew, threatening to kill Biggie, Puff Daddy, Lil Cease and Mobb Deep. To add insult to injury, the official music video featured actors playing Biggie and Lil Kim, who he also insults on the track.

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