Ray Davies: Kinks Are "Three Quarters Of The Way" To Reunion

The Kinks' Ray Davies says the band is "three quarters of the way" toward finally reuniting. "The stumbling block is my brother because he was seriously ill recently and whether he feels ready to do it," Davies told the BBC. Guitarist Dave Davies suffered a stroke in 2004. Dave's health might not be the only issue, however: Back in January, Dave responded to Kinks reunion rumors by saying "It would be like a poor remake of Night of the Living Dead" before poking fun at brother Ray's songwriting talents. Still, Ray Davies made a good point when he said to the BBC, "The amazing thing is that the Kinks are the only band, of that period, where the only original members are still alive." If the Kinks were to reunite, Ray hopes some new music will come out of it, as he "couldn't do it just for nostalgic reasons."

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