Pink Floyd Catalog Arrives on Spotify

Fans meet million-stream threshold to unlock band's music

Syd Barrett, Roger Waters, Nick Mason and Richard Wright of Pink Floyd. Credit: Jan Persson/Redferns

Pink Floyd has held out against Spotify for quite some time, but now the rockers' catalog has arrived on the streaming service. Spotify announced the news on Twitter, confirming that fans hit the million-stream mark to unlock Pink Floyd's catalog set last week.

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Though Pink Floyd had resisted Spotify thus far, the service kicked off a campaign that held the band's albums at ransom; if fans were able to push a stream of Pink Floyd's 1975 track "Wish You Were Here" past a million spins, Spotify would unlock the band's catalog on their service. The mark was hit this afternoon, and now Pink Floyd's full catalog is available on Spotify.

Pink Floyd's label, EMI, signed a deal with Spotify in 2011, but the band's catalog was not included in the agreement. The band has also been wary of music's new digital landscape: they sued EMI in 2010 for allowing single-song, instead of full-album, downloads on iTunes.