Peter Green to Emulate Christ?

Fleetwood Mac guitarist seems poised to give all his money away

Peter Green and Fleetwood Mac Credit: Ivan Keeman / Redferns

LONDON – Peter Green, guitarist with Fleetwood Mac, may or may not give away all of his money except enough for an occasional handful of rice. "Why should I have any more money than anyone else?" Peter asks rhetorically.

Peter made the announcement that he was going to give it all away shortly before Fleetwood Mac left on a European tour. But no sooner was he out of town than his manager's office began changing his mind for him.

Said a spokesman: "If Peter does give money away, it will be done quietly. We do know that he plans to do a charity show in April." And it is suspected that Green will continue to give the odd penny to sidewalk beggars as well.

Added the spokesman huffily: "Whether Peter will or not give his money is up to him. This is not the kind of publicity we want."

One of the persons most surprised to hear about Green's planned beneficence was his father. "He could do a lot better by buying us a new house," the practical Mr. Green senior told the Daily Mirror.

This story is from the April 16th, 1970 issue of Rolling Stone.