Pearl Jam Comes Alive, and Alive, and Alive

Eddie Vedder and co. drop seventy-two live albums at once

Eddie Vedder and co. drop seventy-two live albums at once. Credit: J. Shearer/WireImage

How many times have you sat around the house cranking "Jeremy" and said to yourself, "Damn, it sure would be cool if Pearl Jam would, like, I don't know, release seventy-two live albums at once or something"? Often, no doubt, which must be why Eddie Vedder and crew finally gave in to a hungry nation's demand for more, more, more of their inimitable grunge magic, documenting nearly their entire 2000 tour for consumers: twenty-five double-CD sets from their European shows, twenty-three from East Coast shows, twenty-four from the West Coast. Lucky fans got to debate key questions: Does the Cincinnati version of "Wishlist" from August 20th measure up to the Pittsburgh version of "Daughter" from September 5th? The rest of the world just smiled and desperately tried to change the subject.

This story is from the December 27th, 2001 issue of Rolling Stone.