Paula Abdul Criticizes "American Idol" Producers For Allowing Stalker To Audition

Paula Abdul has lashed out at the producers of American Idol, blaming the show for helping to fuel crazed fan Paula Goodspeed's obsession with the AI judge. Goodspeed committed suicide by overdosing outside of Abdul's house last month. According to Abdul, Goodspeed had been writing her "disturbing letters" for nearly 18 years, which prompted "restraining orders at times." Thus, when Goodspeed showed up to audition for Season 5 of Idol, Abdul begged the producers not to let her audition.

"I said, 'This girl is a stalker of mine. Please do not let her in.' Everyone knew. I was shaking," Abdul said. Instead, the producers did the exact opposite, letting Goodspeed audition because they wanted "entertainment value." Goodspeed showed up again in Las Vegas for the Season 6 auditions, this time following Abdul home. From there, Abdul received naked pictures of Goodspeed and letters that threatened "bodily harm." The whole ordeal ended with Goodspeed's suicide. As for why Abdul remains with the show following the producers' betrayal, Abdul said simply, "Well, I'm under contract." With the show adding a fourth judge this season, it seems like American Idol is preparing for the contract to expire as well.

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