Patti Smith Gets Spiritual

New album takes its title from traditional tune

Patti Smith will release her ninth album, Trampin', on April 27th. The ten-song set, Smith's first for Columbia, features ten new Smith songs along with a cover of the Marian Anderson staple that provides the album's title, a song that features Smith's daughter Jesse on piano.

Trampin' features the same band that has backed Smith since 1996, though two alumni, guitarist Lenny Kaye and drummer Jay Dee Daugherty, date back to her 1975 classic Horses. Smith's heroes are evident on the set: "In My Blakean Year" is a self-explanatory tribute to the great poet, while Mahatma Gandhi is honored in an improvisational piece. And her outspoken activism can be found on cuts like "Radio Baghdad."

"I feel that on this record, Patti's confidence and maturity as a performer are at the forefront," Kaye told Rolling Stone. "There are vocal performances here -- and this is coming from somebody who has watched her sing for three decades -- that she's never come close to having on record before. Maybe she'd get them on the odd night in some Midwestern town, far from any tape machine. But there are things that happened on this record that raised the hairs on my arm."

Trampin' track list:

Mother Rose
Stride of the Mind
My Blakean Year
Peaceable Kingdom
Radio Baghdad