Ozzy's Condition Improves

Rocker regains consciousness after accident

The severity of Ozzy Osbourne's injury Monday in an all-terrain vehicle accident wasn't fully conveyed, according to new reports. Wife Sharon Osbourne told the press that after Ozzy flipped his ATV, it landed on top of him and he briefly stopped breathing and had no pulse. A security guard rushed to his aid and resuscitated him.

Early reports covered Osbourne's numerous fractures (eight ribs, a collarbone and a vertebra) and the emergency surgery to restore flow to a damaged blood vessel. But yesterday daughter Kelly Osbourne said that her father had just awakened for the first time since the accident. Ozzy is on a ventilator and was unable to speak, but Kelly said that he mouthed "I love you," to his family.

Osbourne, 55, is in the care of the Wexham Park Hospital in Slough, just west of London. His wife said that doctors are hesitant to offer a timetable for his recovery until he's off the ventilator.