OutKast, Matthews Spout Off

Artists loosen up backstage at the Grammys

According to Grammy officials, CBS didn't need to use its five-minute tape delay because there wasn't anything to censor. However, in the press room things were a little more dicey. Nobody bared any breasts, but plenty of people were talking about them:

Dave Matthews on the Janet controversy: "There's been tits since before there's been entertainment."

OutKast's Big Boi on not joining Andre 3000 to accept the Best Rap Album award: "Me and Janet was down the street talking. It made me a little late."

Yoko Ono on a comparison between she and John being naked on the cover of the Two Virgins and the Janet flap: "We were attacked too. Very much so. It's interesting dialogue. Of course it's going to upset some people but I'm sure she's ready for it. She's a strong lady."

Christina Aguilera on Justin Timberlake: "He's a real gentleman, a really good guy, so I'm proud of him."

Aerosmith's Joe Perry on Christina Aguilera: "She has always blown my mind and seems to be able to cross the line between the whole pop tart thing and what she did tonight. I was watching it with B.B. King and our jaws just dropped."

Evanescence's Amy Lee on 50 Cent rising when he didn't win Best New Artist: "I was in so much shock already, that that was kind of like, 'What? I expected him to win, as well as I guess he did. I think basically it was a statement for him that he felt he should have won."

Beyonce on Coldplay's "Clocks" winning Record of the Year: "I love that song and they definitely deserved it. That song is just genius."

The Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl on winning Best Rock Album: "It's always an honor to get one of these things. We consider ourselves always underdogs . . . We make these records in a basement in Virginia on our own."

Sean Paul on how he planned to celebrate: "Going to do a little of L.A. I'm here to meet and greet. Definitely. All over. I'm going where it's at."

Richard Marx on "Dance With My Father": "Luther [Vandross] knew how special this song was. When we finished it, he told me, 'This is my "Piano Man." This is my signature song.' I'm just so thrilled he was honored for this song. He so deserves it."

Jorge Calderon, Warren Zevon's songwriting partner, on what he believes would have been Zevon's reaction to winning: "His hardboiled side would say, 'I don't care about this,' and his other side was very show biz, very Sammy Davis. He saw him at nine and freaked out and said, 'I want to do that,' and that part of him would have been loving it."

Robert Randolph on performing at the ceremony: "We're so happy we got recognized by great music lovers from all over. We knew we could make our Ricky Martin appearance tonight."

Weird Al Yankovic on winning Best Comedy Album: "I'd like to thank all the little people I had to step on to get where I am today."