Osbournes Score Second Season

MTV orders twenty new episodes of Ozzy and family

After weeks of speculation, MTV announced that The Osbournes will return for a second season of expletive-filled family fun. The show, which during its first season followed Ozzy Osbourne, wife Sharon, and their children Jack and Kelly through their day-to-day for two months last year, has been the highest rated show in MTV's history, with a viewership of 6 million. The Osbournes' success prompted the cable company to order an additional twenty episodes.

The format of the second season will not be altered from this past year's formula. MTV's camera crew will receive almost unlimited access to the foursome (sans daughter Aimee, who has again chosen not to participate), over the span of a couple of months. Additionally, MTV will have access to the Osbourne family for a number of summer standalone specials, including some stops on this year's Ozzfest.

"I know all about the music industry, but it's got me totally baffled," Ozzy Osbourne said of the response to the show at an Ozzfest press conference earlier this year. "I was on tour in Canada, so I've been blind to the response. I'm walking down the street the other day and some people who wouldn't normally stop me, they stop me in the streets. In fact, an ambulance said, 'Ozzy, good show man!' and I'm kind of flipping out."

The Osbournes saga has also extended beyond the small screen, as the family signed a reported seven-figure book deal last month. And a new album, The Osbourne Family Album -- featuring tracks by Ozzy, Kelly, System of a Down, John Lennon, Eric Clapton and others -- is scheduled for a June 11th release.