Oasis' Noel Gallagher Has One Christmas Wish

When Rock Daily was chatting with Noel Gallagher recently regarding Oasis' new tour, the guitarist shared his holiday wishes:

"I'd like an iPhone, a laptop, a new haircut and a Christmas card that didn't say fucking Noel on the front. That would be fucking nice. Just one year. I always get this shit, right. And people go, 'Did you get my card?' And you go, 'I dunno, which one was that?' 'Oh, you must've seen it. It had Noel written on the front.' 'Really, and how many of those do you think I get?' That's right. All of them. They all end up at my fuckin' house. 'Oh, there's a card with my name on it, brilliant. That's from my parents. I'll thank them again for that.' Fuckin' pair of idiots."

What, you were expecting holiday fuzzies from the guy who told us, "I am fucking brilliant every night I go out there. I could give a fuck about anybody else in the band." One of those other dudes in his band, brother Liam, explained the band's "love us or hate us" ethos in a recent chat with RS:

"Why would you want everyone to like you? That was the beauty of things growing up; not everyone was into the same music as you and that's what stood you apart from everyone. You go into school and you go, 'I'm different from you, man.' 'Why?' ' 'Cause I like the fucking Stone Roses. Who do you fucking like? You like Madonna.' If everyone's all into the same thing that's when you lose your identity."

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