Nugent Wins Court Case

Rocker awarded $100,000 in damages after being booted from 2003 concert

Veteran rocker Ted Nugent was awarded $100,000 on Thursday by a Michigan jury, which ruled that organizers of the Muskegon Summer Celebration were in breach of contract when they cancelled his June 2003 concert.

Organizers of the event claimed Nugent made racist remarks during a Denver radio interview in May of the same year. Nugent, however, testified that he used the offensive slur while recalling a compliment paid to him by an African-American Motown musician in reference to his guitar skills. Despite his win, Nugent still feels like damage has been done. "It was heartbreaking," he tells Rolling Stone. "I won, but I didn't win anything. [The jury] threw out the defamation-of-character thing, and that to me is what it was all about. I was called a racist because I was quoting one of the Funk Brothers, who I identified in the quote as my revered hero."

Nugent says this incident is not over. "When I get accused of such a horrible thing, I get really fucking angry," he says. "I went to court and sued them and won, but I'm not done yet. We killed the beast with the smallest gun they allowed us. We're gonna go back, get a bigger gun, and kill them all --figuratively speaking."