Noel Gallagher Talks Onstage Attack, Plus Oasis Teach Street Musicians Their New Tunes

Oasis' Noel Gallagher has written a post on the band's Website about the onstage assault he suffered in Toronto last Sunday. "I knew something was going to happen last night. I said I had a bad feeling, didn't I!?" the guitarist writes. "Can't say much more than that as the 'perpetrator''s gonna get the book thrown at him. Repeatedly." Noel's injuries have already forced Oasis to cancel a concert in London, Ontario, and their show tomorrow night at New York City's Terminal 5.

But the band is well enough to pull off a pretty terrific publicity stunt: Tomorrow Oasis will teach a crew of 30 New York City street musicians songs from their new album Dig Out Your Soul. After their lesson, the buskers (who all have gigs in subway and train stations as part of a Metropolitan Transit Authority program) will fan out across the city and perform three songs — "The Turning," "Bag it Up" and "(Get Off Your) High Horse Lady" — for the first time, as well as single "The Shock of the Lightning." (Click here for the list of locations which includes Penn Station and Astor Place stations). Oasis are encouraging fans to film the performances and post them on a dedicated YouTube channel — they're also making sheet music for the tunes available as of the 16th online so fans can strum along at home.

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