Mudvayne Unmask on "Lost"

Hard rockers lose the makeup on raw third album

Lost and FoundThe End of All Things to Come

"People are gonna be surprised by the rawness," says guitarist Greg Tribbett. "Instead of being all slick, we're definitely going for a raw sound on this record. The last one was pretty smooth and the first record, L.D. 50, was raw, so we're kind of mixing it up a little bit."

Dave Fortman, who has worked with Evanescence and Superjoint Ritual, is producing the record. Among the twelve tracks are "Just," "Happy," "Pushing Through" and the single "Fucking Determined," for which the band shot a video in New York two weeks ago. "That's one song I'm looking forward to playing live, because I'm sure we'll get a lot of crowd participation," Tribbett says of the alternately melodic and ferocious rocker.

Lost and Found was originally due for a November release and Mudvayne planned to preview it with an October tour, but now the band will use the extra time to fine-tune the album. However, the band is anxious to unleash the new material. "I'm really psyched," Tribbett says. "I think everybody's gonna want to play everything off the new record."