MP3 Download: The Mynabirds' Soulful, Optimistic 'Body of Work'

Preview a cut from the Omaha band's new album, 'Generals'

Laura Burhenn of the Mynabirds Credit: DP Muller

Click to listen to the Mynabirds' 'Body of Work'

The Mynabirds have opened up their sound on their second album, GENERALS, adding electronic textures and unexpected sounds to their established foundation of blue-eyed soul and gospel. "Body of Work," a highlight from the new disc, is all bright shades and syncopated beats while singer Laura Burhenn delivers philosophical lyrics with a warm, soulful tone. "'Body of Work' is a reminder of our absolute power to reimagine, redesign, and transform our lives at any given moment into something we enjoy to the utmost, something that's wholly and fully our own," says Burhenn. "We are not victims of the past, but artists who can shape it into the most brilliant form imaginable; we are living things, bodies of work to edit."

GENERALS will be in stores on June 5th, but you can download "Body of Work" for free today.