MP3 Download: Casiokids' Electro-Pop Track 'Golden Years'

Get a song from the Norwegian group's upcoming album

Casio Kids Credit: Sjur Pollen

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Norwegian electro-pop group Casiokids are releasing their next full-length album, Aabenbaringen over aaskammen, on October 11th. Appropriately, given the group's name, Casiokids' first song off the album, the upbeat and twinkling electro-dance track "Golden Years," is filled with the familiar sounds of a Casio. Frontman Ketil Kinden Endresen reveals, "We use the Casio CZ-101 for the main Casio parts on this song, the same Casio used by Salt-N-Pepa on their hit 'Push It'.' Aabenbaringen over aaskammen will be released on October 11th, but you can download "Golden Years" for free here.