MP3 Download: Caitlin Rose's Twangy 'Shanghai Cigarettes'

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Caitlin Rose Credit: Josh Anderson

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Nashville singer-songwriter Caitlin Rose is hitting the road in support of her debut album, Own Side Now, which she released earlier this year. Caitlin explains that her cheerful and twangy single "Shanghai Cigarettes" was actually inspired by limited experience with the subject. "I've smoked three packs of shanghai cigarettes. The first was an after-dinner gift from a Japanese Restaurant, the second came from a touring pal in Germany and the third one was plucked from a carton at a friend's Manhattan apartment. Don't know if I'd ever want a whole carton," she says. "They taste like shit, but I guess they make great stocking stuffers." Caitlin Rose's Own Side Now is available now, but you can download "Shanghai Cigarettes" for free here.