More Disputes Over Hendrix Estate

Man claiming to be the guitarist's son steps forward

Jimi Hendrix backstage at Falkoner Centret in Copenhagen. Credit: Jan Persson/Redferns

The father of Jimi Hendrix may have finally secured his son's legacy, but a Swedish man claiming to be Hendrix's son is threatening to take it all away. On Aug. 3, Jimi Hendrix Jr., né Daniel Sundquist, filed a petition in the New York Surrogate Court to reopen the Hendrix estate and have himself deemed lawful heir. Sundquist's claim dates to a 1975 Swedish Court decision declaring him Hendrix's true son, and his petition alleges that those paternity proceedings were improperly concealed from the New York court at the conclusion of the original Jimi Hendrix probate hearings in 1978. Representatives of the Hendrix family declined comment, saying they had not yet seen the petition.

This is a story from the September 21st, 1995 issue of Rolling Stone.