Moby Hosts Anti-War Screening

Judging to begin next month on Bush ad

Moby will host a screening of the documentary Uncovered: The Whole Truth About the Iraq War at his New York City apartment, one of more than 2,000 such home screenings of the film as part of a grassroots campaign organized by The screenings are also part of a fund-raising drive by MoveOn, an organization with the mission of "bringing ordinary people back into politics."

"There are myriad causes with which I'm involved," Moby says. "And I have friends who work for a lot of different no-profits and we all feel the same way. The one cause that seems to take precedence over all the others is to do everything in our power to make sure George Bush is sent back to Texas in 2004. Every cause would benefit immeasurably."

In addition to screening Uncovered, is sponsoring a Moby brainchild: The "Bush in 30 Seconds" contest. The premise was to create an advertisement that best exposes the flawed policies of the Bush administration, with plans for the winning spot to air during the week of the President's 2004 State of the Union address.

"The basic idea was to try to some extent to involve the creative community more in the political process," Moby says, "and to disseminate information about what a dreadful president George Bush has been."

The contest closed yesterday, and site visitors can browse the submissions between December 15th and 30th, before a panel of judges -- including Moby, Michael Stipe, Jack Black, Gus Van Sant, Margaret Cho and others -- selects the winner.