Mick Jagger Knighted

Singer dismisses bandmates' criticisms

The Rolling Stones are now fronted by Sir Mick Jagger, as the singer was knighted by Prince Charles this morning at a ceremony in Buckingham Palace in London.

"It was all rather wonderfully formal," Jagger said following the ceremony, which was attended by his ninety-two-year-old father, Joe, and two of Jagger's daughters.

Jagger also dismissed harsh criticism by bandmate Keith Richards, who recently called his decision to accept knighthood "ludicrous" and "not what the Stones is about."

"I thought it was ludicrous to take one of those gongs from the establishment, when they did their best to throw us in jail," Richards told Uncut magazine, referencing a 1967 arrest of both Stones that was later overturned.

Jagger responded, "I don't really think the establishment as we knew it exists any more," before likening Richards to "a bawling child, who hasn't got an ice cream."