M.I.A. Records Music for Julian Assange TV Show

WikiLeaks founder's 'The World Tomorrow' premieres Tuesday

M.I.A. and Julian Assange Credit: Chris Hyde/Getty Images; Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

M.I.A. has collaborated with Julian Assange to create new music for the WikiLeaks founder's new television show, The World Tomorrow, Pitchfork reports. The first episode of the series will air on the English-language Russian network RT on April 17th and be posted as a video online.

The World Tomorrow will feature interviews conducted by Assange from his home in England, where he has been under house arrest. The program promises conversations with the "most interesting and controversial people alive in the world today."

M.I.A., well known for her far-left politics, announced her fandom of the controversial Assange at the beginning of last year with a mixtape called Vicki Leekx. The rapper acknowledged her team-up with Assange earlier today, tweeting "julian assange borrowed my computer last week , im still FREAKING OUT !!!!!"