Ludacris Unveils Tracks, Videos From "Theater of the Mind"

Ludacris took over Tribeca Cinemas in lower Manhattan last night to introduce his new album Theater of the Mind, due out on DTP/Def Jam November 11th. Commanding the crowd from the balcony, Luda played a selection of tracks featuring T-Pain, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Jamie Foxx, the Game, Rick Ross and Chris Rock. "You're under-acknowledged, young man," MTV's Sway told Luda. "Six solo albums, seven if you count Incognegro. You're a quadruple threat!"

"People hate their jobs — I love my job. I love to compete, that puts you up on your game," Ludacris said as he settled into a packed theater for a screening that featured behind-the-scenes footage from two videos — his current single "I Know What Them Girls Like" with Chris Brown and Sean Garrett and "Undisputed" featuring boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. as his trainer. "It's over for you rappers, can't none of y'all bust, you just sacks full of semen, and I got the women screamin'!" Luda boasted on the big screen in an attempt to prove that he isn't just a punchline rap star gone Hollywood, though he has two films coming this fall (Guy Ritchie's RocknRolla and Max Payne alongside Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis). "That video is me letting people know how hungry I am," Luda explained of "Undisputed." "I'm back to my first album grind."

Part of his renewed grind, Luda disclosed, includes working with DTP's First Lady Shawnna on an album called Battle of the Sexes. And he squashes an old dispute with T.I. on Theater of the Mind when the Atlanta MCs join together on "Wish You Would." "It was never really beef," Luda said. "We would see each other all the time in Atlanta."

Though he's been embroiled in his share of controversy, with the likes of Bill O'Reilly and even Barack Obama, Luda insisted that he's always learned from disappointment. The biggest setback on his mind after the screening was his pool house, which burned down in Atlanta earlier that day. "My pool house burned the fuck down! It must've been electrical, unless there were two rabbits smoking weed in my pool house," he joked, eager to head home.

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