Love & Corgan Kiss And Make Up

Courtney Love has declared a cease-fire in the war of words between herself and self-professed "Svengali" Billy Corgan.

Last week, Select magazine and the British edition of Guitar World quoted the multitalented Corgan saying he masterminded the upcoming Hole album, Celebrity Skin. The highly inflammatory Love immediately retorted with comments in USA Today that scolded Corgan and the press for suggesting she needed a man to help create her music.

In today's episode of the rock soap opera, Geffen Records is insisting that the Hole diva is no longer angry with her songwriting mate and longtime friend. A spokeswoman for Geffen told JAMTV that no hard feelings exist between the bleach-blonde Love and the stylishly bald Corgan, who was reportedly struck by an over-zealous case of sarcasm when he said he went "the full Monty" on Celebrity Skin.

"The article had taken Billy's comments out of context," said Geffen spokesman Jim Merlis. "Billy used the word 'Svengali' in a joking way. [Courtney] was mad at herself for commenting on [the article] so quickly."

In the USA Today story, Love said: "Billy does not have a majority of publishing percentage on any one of those songs. I feel it's silly and somewhat sexist to credit Billy Corgan with things Billy Corgan did not do based on the assumption that accomplished male musicians are somehow superior to accomplished female musicians, such as myself."

No one in Hole denies Corgan's noteworthy contributions to the album, which include co-writing credits with Love and guitarist Eric Erlandson on at least five of Celebrity Skin's final cuts and arranging work on 13 tracks.

"Billy did spend some quality time mentoring and teaching me a craft that I really needed to learn in order to make the record I wanted to make, much like a brilliant music teacher, and that was what was so invaluable to me," Love said in USA Today. "I am incredibly grateful for Billy's skill."

Love also relied on the talents of cohort Erlandson, who began postproduction on Celebrity Skin with Mike "Spike" Stent in England three months ago. Meanwhile, the rock star-come-glamour puss Love began work on the film 200 Cigarettes, which also features Ben and Casey Affleck, Jay Mohr and Christina Ricci.

A track listing for the September release is not yet available.