Living Colour Cover Beatles

First album in ten years due in October

Living Colour will release their first album in ten years, CollideOscope, on October 8th.

"The world is a 'collideoscope,'" says Living Colour frontman Corey Glover. "Cultures clash, ideas clash. So we're colliding a lot of different things."

The set, which comes after a 1995-2000 hiatus, adds world beats and electronica to the signature hard-rock sound forged on the band's 1988 debut Vivid and 1990's Time's Up. It also features two covers: an amped-up, electro-laced version of the Beatles "Tomorrow Never Knows" and a triumphant "Back in Black."

"It's very, very cool," Glover says of the AC/DC remake. "Straight-ahead, balls-to-the-walls rock & roll. They have a great sense of humor."

The band members -- Glover, guitarist Vernon Reid, bassist Doug Wimbash and drummer Will Calhoun -- produced the record themselves. "It made it a lot easier," Glover says. "We had a really definitive idea of what we wanted to come out of this record. Our goal was to write topical things about ourselves and about the world we live in."

Sounds a lot like vintage Living Colour. "It hasn't changed much," Glover admits, "but I think we've expanded on what we were."