Listen: Britney Spears Teams Up With Rihanna for 'S&M' Remix

Britney provides new verse for the collaboration

Credit: Jean Baptiste Lacroix /WireImage

Click to listen to Rihanna's "S&M (Remix feat. Britney Spears)"

As it turns out, Britney Spears also likes it rough. In this new version of Rihanna's hit "S&M," Britney drops an all-new verse in which she sings, "Tough, I don’t scream mercy / It’s your turn to hurt me” and “If I’m bad, tie me down / Shut me up, gag and bound me.”

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Britney and Rihanna trade off lines in the second half of the song, but the music is otherwise identical to the version from Rihanna's album LOUD. It's a thrill to hear these two pop icons together on a track – it's kinda like when superheroes team up.


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