Lily Allen Shouts Out Britney Spears, Drops F-Bombs Galore at "Secret" New York Gig

Last night, Lily Allen hit New York's Bowery Ballroom to perform a concert as part of MySpace's "Secret Show" series. While the gig was partly sponsored by Turbo Tax (yes, really) the British singer didn't let up on the rock & roll behavior: she dropped F-bombs, sang about blow jobs and gulped wine onstage.

Allen's second album, It's Not Me, It's You, only dropped yesterday, but the wall-to-wall crowd recited all the words. "You've been illegally downloading, you fuckers!" she said, before launching into the bouncy, George W. Bush-slamming rant "Fuck You." (The chorus would make your mom proud: "Fuck you, fuck you very, very much.") Dancing around the stage in a red mini-dress and Michael Jackson-style half gloves, Allen dug into her new record, which swaps the ska-flavored tunes of her 2007 debut for glossier pop. Highlights included the country-flavored "Not Fair," on which Allen laments, "I spent ages giving head"; "Never Gonna Happen," an accordian-filled kiss-off to a dense boy-toy; and "Back to the Start," an electro ode to Allen's sister on which she apologizes for her sibling rivalry.

Allen also busted out a couple oldies: "Smile," which turned into a crowd sing-along, and the ruminative, Mark Ronson-produced "Littlest Things." "Mark was supposed to fucking be here tonight," Allen said. "But he's recording with some band in Brooklyn. He's too busy for me these days."

Allen name-dropped again during the encore, when she paid homage to her "favorite singer" Britney Spears with "Womanizer." It was a sweet reminder — one that the Turbo Tax execs appreciate, no doubt — that crotch flashers stick together.

Set List:
"Everyone's At It"
"I Could Say"
"Not Fair"
"Fuck You"
"Who'd Have Known"
"Never Gonna Happen"
"Back to the Start"
"Littlest Things"
"The Fear"

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