Lady Gaga to Perform New Song at Thierry Mugler Fashion Show

Gaga will be supporting the new collection by her frequent collaborator Nicola Formichetti

Lady Gaga in a tuxedo outfit by Mugler in the 'Born This Way' video.

Lady Gaga will be performing a brand new song at a Thierry Mugler fashion show tomorrow in Paris. The show, which is part of Paris Fashion Week, will unveil her frequent collaborator and stylist Nicola Formichetti's ready-to-wear collection for the label.

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Gaga debuted a remix of her song "Scheiße" at a previous Mugler runway show in January. It seems very likely that she will perform the regular, non-remixed version of the tune – which Rolling Stone previewed last week – at the event tomorrow.

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Formichetti and Mugler have become increasingly essential to Gaga's projects in the lead-up to her new album Born This Way. Gaga has been seen wearing Mugler designs recently, including in her new video for "Born This Way." Also, Rick Genest – the tattooed model from the video for the "Scheiße" remix on the Mugler website – appeared with Gaga in the "Born This Way" clip.

Gaga's performance at the Mugler show is ONE SLEEP AWAY! [Grazia Daily]