Kiss Kick Off Unlikely New Venture: L.A. Football Team

L.A. Kiss will join the Arena Football League in spring 2014

Gene Simmons on stage with Kiss during the Hellfest Heavy Music Festival on June 20th, 2010. Credit: FRED TANNEAU/AFP/Getty Images

Nothing says football like face paint and hard rock riffs, so it's about time Kiss got into the gridiron game. Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley have bought their own Arena Football League expansion team, the Anaheim-based L.A. Kiss, which will participate in the league's 2014 season, ESPN reports

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Simmons tells ESPN that buying the franchise was a logical move, given the similarities between a high-intensity football game and a crazy Kiss show.

"As a fast-paced, high-action band, this partnership with the AFL was an obvious fit for us," Simmons said. "Attending an L.A. KISS game in 2014 will be similar to a live Kiss show, with thrilling, heart-pounding action."

L.A. Kiss will use the band's glammy, iconic logo, and season ticket-holders will be treated to a free Kiss concert. But, as Simmons and Stanley emphasized to USA Today, L.A. Kiss won't simply function as a cheap band promotional tool.

"There's been a lot of attention to detail, to nuances, so that people don't think this is a rock band in football helmets," Simmons said. "This is real football, and this is good for the game."

"We wouldn't put L.A. Kiss on a football helmet if we didn't believe we could kick it out of the park," added Stanley.

The upcoming AFL season kicks off in March.