Justin Timberlake Admits LeBron James Man Crush On ESPN

Justin Timberlake's promotional blitz for his MTV reality show The Phone brought him to the Los Angeles studios of ESPN's Sportcenter, where JT answered 10 questions pertaining to, surprise, sports. While Timberlake doesn't boast a fraction of the sports knowledge that ESPN blogger and "Best Rapper Alive" Lil Wayne has, Justin seems to be an expert on all things Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, who Timberlake admits he has a man crush on.

"He just lights me up," JT says of the Cleveland Cavaliers' — and hopefully New York Knick in 2010-11, fingers crossed — all-star. As for the epic battle of "Quarterback, cornerback or 'Sexyback'?," Timberlake picks cornerback. "Cornerback, 'the thief,' that's what I want to play," he said. As Timberlake currently has no plans to record a new album, he might as well start practicing with all the free time on his hands.