Joey Ramone Still Hospitalized For Testing

Punk progenitor Joey Ramone was admitted to a New York hospital with a fever of 104 degrees last Wednesday, Kymm Britton, Ramone's spokeswoman at Radioactive Records, told JAMTV Tuesday.

Doctors are still unsure what exactly is wrong with Ramone and have been watching the singer closely for the past week. Britton speculates that the fever may have possibly been brought on by the flu.

Doctors are keeping Ramone in the hospital for testing, but his condition seems to be improving, a spokeswoman from Overland Productions, Ramone's management, said. "It's still serious ... serious enough that he's been in the hospital since last Wednesday. We just hope he feels better. He was doing better yesterday," she said.

Ramone was scheduled to DJ at Toronto's Phoenix Club on Jan. 26. The club received a letter from Overland canceling the gig and saying that Ramone had been undergoing tests. Overland also stated that they didn't know when Ramone would be released from the hospital, but that he had been ordered not to perform for the next two months, the Toronto Sun reported on Monday.