Jeff Buckley Still Missing

Jeff Buckley, who disappeared May 29 while swimming in the Mississippi River outside Memphis, has still not been found. Lt. Maples of the Memphis Police Department on Saturday said that they are presuming him dead but that no body has been located.

On Monday, Buckley's mother, Mary Guibert, along with his managers, urged people not to speculate beyond the facts or to believe any rumors regarding Buckley. "It has become apparent to me that my son will not be walking out of the river," Guibert said. "It is now time to make plans to celebrate a life that was golden. I ask people who cared about Jeff to please be honorable and faithful to his memory."

Buckley was in Memphis about to begin recording a new album. He went swimming while he and a friend were hanging out on the banks of the river. After a boat came by and created a large wake, Buckley disappeared. He has not been seen since.