Jay-Z Enlightens Twitter With Impromptu Q&A

Rapper fields questions on his favorite cereal, his latest album and more

Jay-Z performs in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Credit: Stephen Lovekin/WireImage

Now that Jay-Z has written #newrules for the industry with Magna Carta Holy Grail, the rapper is feeling chatty online – enough to take to Twitter for a rare, impromptu Q&A session with fans today. He doesn't log onto the social media platform often – his first post is from November 2008, yet he's only tweeted slightly more than 100 times since – but he fielded constant questions with fun quips and answers in this exchange.

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Jay-Z gave answers about his favorite cereal, where he thinks Magna Carta Holy Grail stacks up against the rest of his work, which songs off the new album he's most looking forward to performing live and if he's purchased a Picasso yet. Some highlights follow below.