It's A Tofu for All

The Nuge assailed with flying bean curd during show

Sticks and stones may break Ted Nugent's bones -- although we've never gotten close enough to see for ourselves -- but tofu will never hurt him. That adage was confirmed when the gonzo rocker shook off a vicious flying food attack and plowed undeterred through a gig at a Los Angeles club last week.

The bow-hunting, jerky-selling guitar madman was midway through his set at the House of Blues when an audience member (who Nugent believes was an animal rights activist) pelted him with a hefty handful of what turned out to be silken tofu. After wrestling the curd to the ground, the Nuge went on with the song he was playing.

"We were right in the middle of 'Purple Haze' and when I got to the break, I pretended to reach in my belt and pull out a large caliber weapon," Nugent says. "Then I sang 'Excuse me, while I shoot this guy.'"

Fortunately, no warning shots were fired, and the tofu will likely soon occupy a place of honor among Nugent's ever-widening collection of trophy kills. After all, it's not real likely he's gonna eat the stuff, now is it?