Insane Clown Posse and Sharon Osbourne Battle on Howard Stern Radio Show

Insane Clown Posse and Sharon Osbourne Battle on Howard Stern Radio Show

Howard Stern's morning radio show was the setting for more verbal fisticuffs this morning (Aug. 20) when the Insane Clown Posse and Sharon Osbourne, wife/manager of Ozzy and manager of Coal Chamber, squared off for thirty minutes with ICP's Violent J telling Osbourne she can "buff his pickle" and Osbourne calling the rap duo "has-beens."

The rift between the two camps began shortly after Coal Chamber were fired from the ICP/Biohazard tour last month. At the time, Coal Chamber were said to have simply "dropped off" the tour, with "production difficulties" being cited to describe the fallout. Now, on Stern's show, both camps admitted poor ticket sales were to blame for Coal Chamber's dismissal, with each side blaming the other for that reality. Osbourne said Coal Chamber will sue ICP for breach of contract.

Osbourne said her group was receiving $12,500 per show for a scheduled two-month package tour but when sales for the jaunt went sour, ICP downsized to smaller venues and canned Coal Chamber two shows in. Violent J simply said Coal Chamber didn't mesh with ICP's crowd and only fifteen people have asked for refunds for the remaining shows since Coal Chamber fell off the tour.

During the jawing, Osbourne bet Violent J $50,000 that ICP's next record wouldn't sell more than 200,000 copies and they'd be dropped by their Island record label in response to disappointing sales. "You're dead," she said. "Your career is over." Violent J upped the ante and predicted ICP's next album would sell at least 500,000 units, while he continuously insulted Osbourne's accent and her husband.

"You guys oughta tour with this lawsuit," Stern said. "It's fantastic."