Hear Metallica Preview New Song 'Moth Into Flame' in 'Hardwired' Trailer

Song will appear on group's new album, due this fall

A snippet of Metallica's new song "Moth Into Flame" appears in their 'Hardwired ... to Self-Destruct' album trailer.

Metallica announced their new album Hardwired ... to Self-Destruct last week, releasing thei punkish lead track "Hardwired" that they also premiered live. Now, they've put out a snippet of another song that will appear on the double-album, "Moth Into Flame," when it comes out on November 18th.

The teaser appears in the trailer for the new album above at the 2:08 mark. It begins with a driving, fast-paced riff before giving way to James Hetfield singing, "Blacked out, pop queen/ Amphetamine, the screams crashed in the silence," as the guitar swells around the lyrics. It ends with a clip from the band's 2013 movie Metallica Through the Never.

"Most of the songs are simpler [than on Metallica's last album Death Magnetic]," Lars Ulrich told Rolling Stone last week of the direction on Hardwired. "We introduce a mood and we stick to it, rather than songs we've done where one riff happens and we go over here and then over there and becomes a journey through all these different soundscapes. The songs are more linear. ... It cruises along a little bit more than the last record."

The drummer revealed to Rolling Stone that the band is ready to embrace "full-on touring" in the U.S. again next year. "We did 180 shows on the Death Magnetic tour in two-week [periods] over three years," he said. "That's what works for us. ... There will definitely be some pretty extensive touring in America."

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