Hear Eagles Songwriter Jack Tempchin Honor Glenn Frey in Poignant Cover

"Peaceful Easy Feeling" writer reworks collaborative 'Thelma & Louise' song "Part of Me, Part of You" for upcoming Frey tribute LP

Eagles songwriter Jack Tempchin released a poignant acoustic version of "Part of Me, Part of You" ahead of his new Glenn Frey tribute LP.

Jack Tempchin, the singer-songwriter who wrote Eagles' "Peaceful Easy Feeling" and co-wrote the group's hit "Already Gone," among others, honors late friend and collaborator Glenn Frey with his sparse, poignant new version of "Part of You, Part of Me." The duo originally co-wrote the track for the 1991 road drama Thelma & Louise.

In a video for the song, which marks the one-year anniversary of Frey's death earlier this week, Tempchin plays acoustic guitar as he gazes at the ocean. The song's wise, nostalgic lyrics take on new meaning in this context, as the songwriter croons, "Whatever time may take away, it cannot change the way we feel today."

The stripped-back "Part of You," out officially on January 20th, highlights Tempchin's upcoming Frey tribute LP, Peaceful Easy Feeling, tentatively slated for March. The album features new interpretations of the duo's most famous collaborations, including "Peaceful Easy Feeling" and "Already Gone" alongside Frey solo tracks like "The One You Love." The album will also include several previously unrecorded tunes they penned together. 

On Wednesday, Rolling Stone premiered "Glenn Song," Bob Seger's tribute to the singer-songwriter. The tender song recounted the duo's long friendship, with Seger crooning, "When I think about you I always smile. You were strong/You were sharp/But you had the deepest heart."