Hanson Celebrate 21st Birthday as a Band in New York

Brothers mark a big milestone with fans at Irving Plaza

Zac, Taylor and Isaac Hanson of Hanson perform in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Credit: Brett Deering/Getty Images

Hanson turned 21 this year, and the brotherly trio celebrated with a birthday party last night in New York at Irving Plaza as fans swarmed to see the band perform. The brothers started the group as pre-teens, and released their sixth studio album, Anthem, yesterday. 

The night began with a six-song set, representing each of the six albums, beginning with "Thinking of You" from the their 1997 LP Middle of Nowhere and ending with "Fired Up" off Anthem. The rest of the 90-minute set included a combination of old hits and new material. 

The trio ended, of course, with "MMMbop," which also happened to be the 21st slot on the set list and promoted their latest endeavor, a craft beer called "MMMhops." A portion of the proceeds from the beer will benefit the victims of the tornado in the band's native state of Oklahoma.

Hanson will be performing at MTV's O Music Awards tonight.