Green Day Preview "21st Century Breakdown" Single "Know Your Enemy"

Green Day have posted a 30-second sneak peek of "Know Your Enemy," the first single off 21st Century Breakdown, on their official Website. The LP, due out May 15th, is the band's follow-up to their Grammy-winning, soon-to-be-musical, American Idiot. As Rock Daily noted in our first listen to Breakdown, " 'Know Your Enemy' is a straight-ahead rock song with a chanty 'oh-way-oh-way' refrain. Opening powerfully like an AC/DC track, Tre Cool drums furiously as Armstrong sings 'Silence is the enemy so give me revolution.' "

Even if the preview amounts to Armstrong repeating "Know Your Enemy" ad infinitum, the song still has the makings of a classic Green Day single. However, if you want more than the 30-second glimpse the Green Day site is currently teasing, you might want to watch tonight's NCAA championship game between the University of North Carolina Tar Heels and the Michigan State Spartans, as the game's "opening tease" will feature a whole 90 seconds of "Know Your Enemy." The song's video will debut April 24th on Viacom's galaxy of stations like MTV, MTV 2, VH1, Palladia, the N and their respective Websites.

The cover art for the "Know Your Enemy" single is also up for viewing over at Green Day's official site. "American Idiot marked a really high bar for us," Armstrong recently told Rolling Stone. "It's easy to go, 'OK, we can just write a collection of songs.' But there was something about trying to keep going for it.'" For much more on 21st Century Breakdown and a ton of upcoming records, check out our Spring Music Preview:

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