Ghostface Faces Charges

Ghostface Killah leaves Riker's to face weapon felony charges next week

Ghostface Killah, who turned himself in for an earlier (1995) conviction of attempted robbery last week|, is currently incarcerated at Riker's Island for three to six months. But the Wu-Tang Clansman will come out early, this month, to face additional charges of weapons possession.

Apparently, police had pulled over an associate of Ghost's, Dupree Lane, when another car pulled up behind them. "A suspect in the second vehicle [Ghostface Killah] was acting disorderly," said New York police spokesperson Lee Ann Tracy.

When officers searched the second car, they found an unlicensed .357 magnum loaded with hollow-point bullets, hidden behind the glove compartment.

All three passengers of the second car, Hezeciah Hunter, Ghostface Killah, and Jason Hunt, were charged with third-degree criminal possession of a weapon, which is a felony. Ghostface was also found to be, and charged with, wearing a bulletproof vest during the commission of said felony.

The release of Ghostface Killah's second LP, 'Supreme Clientele,' has consequently been pushed back to July.