Garth Tops Charts, Breaks Records

The "Super Tuesday" votes ... er, receipts ... are in, and Garth Brooks has made good on his threat to move a million copies of his Double Live in its first week of release. |Thanks no doubt to a massive publicity campaign -- Wal-Mart telecasts, an NBC special and an entire week of talk show appearances -- Brooks ran rings around what on paper seemed stiff competition: Method Man, Jewel and Mariah Carey, to name but three of the superstars with new albums out last week.

Brooks moved 1,085,000 copies of Double Live, beating the previous SoundScan record-holder for most sales in a week, Pearl Jam's 1993 album Vs., which sold 950,000. Perhaps Pearl Jam can reclaim their title next week with their own live album, Live on Two Legs, but don't hold your breath. Wu-Tang's Method Man, whose Tical 2000: Judgement Day came in at No. 2 this week, was a strong but distant 411,000 to Brooks' million plus. Jewel's sophomore effort, Spirit, came in at 368,000 for No. 3, with Mariah Carey's #1's and Celine Dion's Christmas album filling out the Top Five.

The only other debuts cracking the Top Ten this week were the Offspring's Americana, bolstered no doubt by their smash modern rock single "Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)," and Ice Cube's War & Peace, Vol. 1 (War Disc). Whitney Houston's My Love Is Your Love -- her much-trumpeted first studio album in eight years -- was locked outside the front gates with a soft 123,000 in sales. Enough for No. 13 but not enough to beat 'N Sync's Home for Christmas (No. 12) or R. Kelly's R. (No. 11). The week's other not-so-super debut was Seal's Human Being, which bowed at No. 22. The Geto Boys' did nearly as well with their No. 26-debuting platter, Da Good Da Bad & Da Ugly.

In other notable chart news, last week's No. 9, Dru Hill's Enter the Dru, falls to No. 20. U2's Best of U2: 1980-1990 double hits/B-sides collection tumbled from No. 5 to No. 21 with sales of 79,000, though their non-B-sides single disc version sold an additional 40,000 (No. 45). The soundtrack to The Prince of Egypt, featuring the same Mariah/Whitney duet that also appears on both of their new albums, bowed at No. 94. The "Inspirational" and "Nashville" companion Prince of Egypt albums came in at No. 121 and 139, respectively.

Next week, look for the aforementioned Pearl Jam live album and Metallica's Garage, Inc. to crash in on the Top Ten action. For now, though, the rankings from the top are: Garth Brooks' Double Live (1,085,000 copies); Method Man's Tical 2000: Judgement Day (411,000); Jewel's Spirit (368,000); Mariah Carey's #1's (211,000); Celine Dion's These Are Special Times (210,000); Offspring's Americana (198,000); Ice Cube's War & Peace, Vol. 1 (180,000); Alanis Morissette's Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie (177,000); 'N Sync (176,000); and Jay-Z's Vol. II: Hard Knock Life (151,000).